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The Signing State Blockchain

We use smart Mealy machines to make blockchain easy to use!

Mealy Blockchain is a proof of state blockchain that allows you easily deploy your applications over various stakeolders organisations.

Mealy use SSM studio a drag and drop designer to define organisations, roles, users, and process to run your apps using blockchain to log proof of states.


What is SSM Technology? 

The Signed State Machine (SSM) technology is a unique smart contract that implement finite state machines (or Mealy Machines) into a blockchain : Mealy Blockchain.


What is a State machine ?

A state machine is drawn as a bunch of circles representing states and lines representing transitions. Transitions are actions performed by a user to change a state from one to another. States machines can be in exactly one of a finite number of states at any given time. API’s allows the SSM to change from one state to another connecting some external inputs. The SSM is defined by a list of its states, its initial state, and the conditions for each transition. All of these are stored each time a transition is performed.

SSM Smart contract

The Signed State Machine is implemented on a blockchain network using a Smart Contract. A smart contract is a program that allows to write a transaction between two blockchain users. In Mealy Blockchain case, a unique smart contract is used to store the list of its states, its initial state, and the conditions for each transition performed by users.

Of course, the SSM smart contract is open source, you can find it on our github page.




Mealy Blockchain

Mealy Blockchain is a on-permise blockchain with only one smart contract : SSM Smart contract.

Mealy users can only cryptographicaly access to their transactions. However, two Mealy user can build consortium and create secure trans-organisational applications. 

To implement this blockchain, we use Hyperledger Fabric, the most supported blockchain Framework, used by lot of industrial projects and hosted by the Linux Fundation.



SSM Studio

We designed a SAAS application to make SSM easy to build and manipulate. Using our SSM studio you can :


  • Create a SSM using drag and drop
  • Add roles to perform transitions
  • Add users and assign roles
  • Launch SSM sessions
  • Link your apps using the api generated.

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