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Start building your on-permise blockchain
network now

Start a blockchain project quickly with minimal investment.

Start your POC quickly with no blockchain skills : Traceability, Proof of value, Proof of ownership… your projects are deployed with usual code in Month Days.

See pricing…

Focus on app, get values from blockchain technology.

Private Mutualized blockchain

Register your organisation, pay as you go or own a server to get free transactions fees.

Secure organisation tools

Create consortium with other organisations, and use private chanel.

Not sure about blockchain ? Here is a link to learn more

With the blockchain app studio, design your business processes and produce a fully functional api.

Don’t bother with smart contract, thanks to our technology, no code is required :

Use predefined model or create one, connect your app to the API and write data in the blockchain.

Learn more about our unique technology…

Simple steps, quick win :

  1. Register your organisation and get a node on our mutualized blockchain or create a consortium channel.
  2. Create your own business process and get a fully functional API to log data in the blockchain.
  3. Run your app

Request a demo and see it in action !
or see an exemple of live service…



Open Source : Fork It until you make it

Bring your own infrastructure and fork the code at any time to create
your own blockchain network.
No hook, no licences, no traps.

What’s our point ?

We provide security economy of scale, most of our client stay with us to maximize security nodes and get flexibility while scaling their network infrastructure.

Learn more about our stack…

Who can use Mealy ?


developing blockchain MVP in production on permissioned blockchain.


can start their business adding blockchain features to their products just using our blockchain api sdk.

Software & Consulting

companies who want to evaluate blockchain technology and build production ready projects.

Innovation labs

To prototype blockchain services and demonstrate value for stakeholders with minimum engagement.

Our solution is a simple way to add blockchain technology benefits to your digital transformation.

Simple pricing :

Private organisation

Create consortia

Access to saas designer

Setup fees : 5 000 €

Hosting : 429 €/ month / Org.



Pay as you go

No consortium
Access to saas designer

Setup fees : 2500 €
+ 99 €/month

Transactions fees :

Get started now!

Quick Install :

Average setup in 1 week.

Customer support :

documentation and online support to integrate blockchain api’s with your apps.

App development support :

we bring your team to production

Contact us or request a demo

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